Zappos ‘ Core Values

Core valuesTony Hsieh, Nick Swinmurn and Fred Mossler initially did all the hiring for Zappos.  Eventually, it just became too much for them to handle.  Then they came up with a list of 37 core values after gathering everyone’s contributions.  They wanted to identify the most important core values, which would be the ones they would truly embrace.  They wanted a list of core values by which to hire and fire staff.  New employees must agree to the company’s core values.  Zappos’ goal is to build their core values to serve and grow as a company.


The challenge is to make a “better” improvement every week and deliver well with ” wow”, doing something that is above and beyond.  Change is constant and it can be unsettling.  Prepare to embrace change and not fear it.  Never accept status quo and be willing to continually change.  Make a one percent change which can make your company better.  Create fun and a little weirdness and at Zappos, they value incorporating fun and happiness.  One side effect is it encourages others to be more engaged and the company as a whole becomes more innovative.  Be creative, adventurous and open minded and not be afraid to take risks.  They encourage employees to make mistakes as long as they learn from them.  Pursue growth and learning and Zappos’ goal is to help employees unlock that potential, but the employee has to want it.  Building open and honest relationships through communications lead to trust and faith.

In any relationship, it’s important to be a good listener.

It’s how you make people feel at the end of the day.  Communication is important in helping a company to grow.  The best team members have a positive attitude on others and everyone they interact with.  Do more with less, which is what Zappos has always done.  The work is never done and you must always strive to innovate.  Be passionate and determined and be inspired by what you are doing and where you are going.  Passion and determination are contagious and it inspires others to have the same attitude.  Ask yourself if you are passionate about your work and your life.  Be humble.  There will always be challenges to tackle and your character will speak for itself.  Ultimately, what matters is that core values become a way of each employee’s life.  Personal core values define who you are in life, and a company’s core values ultimately define the company’s core values and brand. 

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Zappos treats their vendors with respect.  They collaborate with the vendors.  Zappos allows vendors to view their sales records and inventory.  Every year they show their gratitude and have an annual vendor party.  The vendor community is blown away with their respect and appreciation.  Zappos also sponsors a golf outing once a month with their vendors.  They enjoy longstanding relationships with their vendors.  And UPS has always been there for Zappos and willing to work with them to help them achieve the best opportunity.  Most importantly, Zappos’ vendors are their friends and want to see each other do well.  Many vendors put their business on the line to help Zappos succeed.