Zappos Joins Amazon

In 2009, Zappos started looking at investors.  During their search, they met with Jeff Bezos at Amazon but assured him they were not interested is selling the business.  Amazon seemed more open to allowing Zappos to continue to be run by them.  The original goal was just to buy out the Board of Directors as they wanted to continue to sell their brand and customer service.  You never know when something negative can turn into a better situation.  July 22, 2009, was the day they signed with Amazon and let their employees know Amazon became the only shareholders of Zappos, a stock exchange.  It was the right time to join forces with Amazon as they created a huge opportunity to accelerate the growth of the Zappos brand and future, they supported Zappos in continuing to grow their business as an independent entity under their brand and customer service, and it was a good time to align themselves with a partner who thinks like Zappos.  It was a big day in Zappos’ history.  Amazon was a public company so Hsieh was unable to share the news with employees prior to the partnership.  Jeff Bezos had a great deal of respect for Zappos’ culture and core values.

Customer obsession is key

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, said you must obsess over customers which is key.  Invention can get you through almost anything when learning from customers.  A company must invent on behalf of customers and has to be willing to think long-term.  Bezos said Zappos is a unique company with their culture and core values.  Bezos believes there will be a lot of growth with Zappos and their leaders.  It’s always day one as there is always new customer intervention.  Amazon believed Zappos was a great business.  Once employees were notified of the venture with Amazon, they were surprised, had a few questions and they were all back to work.  Zappos employees were excited about the change.  Hsieh and his partners held a party to announce the deal.  Amazon was also there to answer any questions on their end.  This venture with Amazon will allow Zappos to get their products out that much faster.  All employees were given a Kindle and a surprise bonus from Amazon for their hard work.  Zappos and Amazon would now start working together.

Endgame and delivering happiness.


Ask yourself what is your goal in life and then ask yourself why.  If you keep asking yourself why enough times you will find yourself with the same answer.  Most people believe what they are pursuing in life will make them happy.  In 2007, Hsieh started researching about the science of happiness.  Hsieh realized that happiness is similar to when a Zappos customer opens his or her box, they are happy.  Happiness was keeping Zappos employees happy with their jobs.  Research found that someone who always thought winning the lottery would make them happy weren’t any happier a year later after winning the lottery.  Finally achieving a goal may not bring them sustained happiness.  So ask yourself if what you want to pursue will get you the happiness you want.  There are things that can make you happier that you don’t realize will make you happier.  And there are things that will make you happy but actually won’t in the long run.